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Magnum Mall is a master piece of structural art. It is an enormous shopping mall with a comfortable residential area situated at the heart of the city. The spacious showrooms and widest shops are the individuality of this massive shopping project. The Magnum Mall is built around a futuristic arena with an ideal environmental approach. All conveniences are available with a modern living and shopping attitude and style. The maximum levels of essentialities and comforts in a most secure way for the superb gentry of the Hyderabad.

Another attribute of the Magnum Mall is considered to be an atrium mall. It is entire centrally air conditioned with no electric power failure, 24/7 electricity is available for the shopping and residential area. A very attractive food court and cargo lift especially for shop owners is accessible all the time.

This would be no wrong to say that despite of all uppermost conveniences and comforts it is not far from the reach. This wonderful mall is full of best roomy shops and showrooms and they are being offered at a very affordable price. It is exactly a winning approach of the planners of this very carefully designed project of the new decade.

The superb craft of this pick of the basket shows the eligibility of the planners and tells a story of success of the dreams and desires.

This is a place where your investment would not be doubled but manifold within the economical reach of demand. The spacious showrooms and shops are the hallmark to the greater achievement of the builders that accomplish to generate a most modern lifestyle in to the metropolitan city of Hyderabad.


HYDERABAD - Ever On The Rise

Magnum Mall is the worth adding to the loveliness of Hyderabad city. This is amazingly constructed with a unique concept of luxurious living. Hyderabad is a rising jumbo city that is at the edge of immense advancement and steps forward speedily . in present days various international brands are introduced in Hyderabad and the Magnum Mall is the place to gather these worldly brands under one roof. All top-notch brand names are garnered in the Magnum Mall. The Magnum mall is at the heart of the city that adds high reputation and attraction to the excessive access to the highest living.

Although Hyderabad is on high rise and countless number of peoples are migrating into the city from all over the homeland it is supposed to be built a greater atrium mall for the elite business class of the town. The Magnum Mall is a business and residential peak where all conveniences are just around the corner, a very much peaceful location that takes a look at a classic modern fascia and is being considered a spectacular construction in very present time.

Magnum Mall is built for businesses and to live in a chic and comfy environment. It is not only at a pinnacle location that is considered Main business hub of the Hyderabad but deemed a very rush and dash place throughout the city. This magnum opus atrium mall is situated at the famous place of Cantonment Hill top Thandi Sarak and therefore a widest area is into the eye range from the hill top. The airy, fresh and green atmosphere adds beauty to this most significant place.